What’s inside?
Learn about the enhancements AndroidX has made over the years to their increasingly complex Gradle build configuration. AndroidX is a large collection of Google OSS Kotlin and Java libraries built to make Android app developers’ lives easier. This talk will take you on a journey exploring how Gradle Build has evolved and grown from 12 to over 650 projects. Learn how Gradle Build Tool kept CI times and quality at bay.
Summit Producer’s Highlight
Aurimas Liutikas demonstrates a wealth of tweaks, including adding capabilities like ktlint, migrating to tasks.register, adding dependency signature validation, enabling license checking for dependencies, setting up Github mirrors, and much more.
About Aurimas
Aurimas Liutikas is a software engineer at Google working on AndroidX libraries. The need to write efficient code has been instilled in him through his work on Chrome for Android, and later Android OS itself. This drive continued when taking on the build and test infrastructure for AndroidX – one of the largest set of open source libraries built using Gradle. Aurimas enjoys doing talks, blog posts, and generally pushing the Gradle ecosystem forward.
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