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Developer Productivity Engineering

Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) sees developer productivity as a technology challenge, not a people problem. That's why DPE uses tools and technologies to improve developer productivity and happiness, rather than more management oversight. Join us to learn more.



Discover the only event dedicated to Developer Productivity Engineering and Developer Experience

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Get down to it


Top development teams share how they successfully leverage DPE practices and tools

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How Quarkus accelerates merging Apache Maven PR builds with Develocity

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Passionate experts discuss and debate the latest DPE practices in a live gameshow format

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Learn high-impact strategies and tactics for improving developer productivity and experience from expert speakers. Connect with other local developers and engineers passionate about DPE/DX.

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Highlights from the last DPE Summit

Two days. Thirty-seven sessions. Countless learnings.
Watch the 2023 presentations from Airbnb, LinkedIn, Uber, and more.