What’s inside?
Ty Smith will share the key metrics that productivity engineers at Uber capture and utilize to optimize Developer Experience. He shares one of their biggest DPE initiative’s wins that you will not want to miss learning more about.
Summit Producer’s Highlight
Building large mobile apps is hard. Keeping developers productive while working on large mobile apps is harder. Most Android developer tools target smaller apps, so what’s the best way to think about building some of the largest apps in the world? In this talk, you’ll learn how Uber enables hundreds of Android developers to contribute to hundreds of apps in a single monorepo while keeping developers productive and shipping reliable apps quickly.
About Ty
Ty Smith is a senior staff engineer at Uber, where he leads the Android platform group and chairs the Uber’s Open-Source Technical Steering Committee. He is passionate about tools, frameworks, and open-source to help developers make great mobile apps. Ty is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin, engaging regularly with the community through conferences, open-source, and writing, and as an organizer for conferences and meetups. He is an angel investor, tech advisor, and a member of multiple venture capital advisory syndicates. Ty has been at Uber for six years. Before that, he worked at Twitter on the Fabric developer tools, Evernote, and a variety of smaller startups and consulting firms.
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