Denis Cabasson
Denis Cabasson
DevOps Engineering Manager

Siri Developer Productivity Journey


Follow the transformations of the Siri build beginning from the migration from Maven to Gradle and how we have used the ecosystem offered by Gradle and Github to enhance the user experience of developers, increase the velocity of the feedback loop to developers and overall smooth out the experience from a Siri developer standpoint.

  • Migration of the build from Maven to Gradle
  • Declaring and tracking build inputs
  • Why too many inputs is bad
  • Why too few inputs is bad
  • Output stability & caching
  • Troubleshooting local configuration – Gradle build scans
  • Custom values in build scans
  • Mono repo vs mono build – breaking down the build in component to avoid rebuilding slow changing components
  • User experience focus – feedback to developers on the progress of their PR
  • Github App/Checks
  • Code owners for mono repos
  • Codeowners vs custom one

About Denis

Denis is a Devops engineer manager with a strong focus on automation and streamlining of the User Experience., around CI/CD and build topics. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Denis enjoys a good board game with friends and family as well as playing soccer or badminton.