Roberto Perez Alcolea
Roberto Perez Alcolea
Senior Software Engineer

A More Integrated Build and CI to Accelerate Builds at Netflix


Find out how Netflix’s DevProd organization concentrates on the local development loop and ways to shrink the time spent purely waiting. Points of discussion will include:

  • From enabling to managing constant change
    • Keeping projects up-to-date with latest opinions and practices
    • Validating changes before shipping to consumers
  • Improving the build performance and consistency experience
    • Dependency resolution time reduction
    • Build & Artifact caching
    • Remote test execution
  • Improving self-serviceability 
    • Enhanced build insights for a given build
    • Flaky test detection
  • What’s in the horizon
    • Predictive Test Selection
    • Container experience for Integration Testing
    • IDE experience Enhancements

About Roberto

Roberto Perez Alcolea is an experienced software engineer with focused in microservices, cloud, developer productivity and continuous delivery. He’s a self-motivated, success-driven, and detail-oriented professional interested in solving the unique and challenging problems.