Shivani Pai Kasturi
Shivani Pai Kasturi
Staff Software Engineer

Building in the Cloud with Remote Development


Imagine developing on your laptop, but with the computing power of the cloud! LinkedIn successfully reduced the initial setup and build times from 10-30 minutes to just 10 seconds for most of their products with a new remote development experience. In this talk, learn about LinkedIn’s journey to achieve this goal.

About Shivani

Shivani Pai Kasturi is a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn. She is part of the Build Platforms team that mainly focuses on boosting Developer productivity by improving the build speed for LinkedIn products while keeping it reliable and stable. She has been working on the Remote Development project for the past 2 years and was involved from its ideation phase. She leads the Remote Development solution for Webapps and the AI/ML Persona. Prior to this, she was the key contributor to AI-based implementation for surfacing knowledge-base articles to enable LinkedIn developers to help themselves.