Ty Smith
Ty Smith
Android Platform Tech Lead and Open Source TSC Chair

Mobile Developer Productivity at Scale


Building large mobile apps is hard. Keeping developers productive while working on large mobile apps is harder. Most Android developer tools target smaller apps, so how do we think about building some of the largest apps in the world? In this talk, you’ll learn how Uber enables hundreds of Android developers to contribute to a handful of the app in a single monorepo while keeping developers feeling productive and shipping reliable apps quickly. We’ll cover:

  • How the mobile teams are structured
  • How developer productivity is measured and monitored
  • Custom tools like Bazel & Buck, our CI/CD diff pipeline, the testing and device lab infrastructure, the remote dev server environment, and custom IDE plugins and tools
  • How to modularize and use common app architecture and frameworks to keep consistency in all apps
  • How to prioritize open-source engagement and some best practices to continually evolve and modernize apps at scale to keep up with the fast-moving pace of Android.

Whether you’re planning for your own app’s scale or just curious about how it’s done in one of the largest apps, you won’t want to miss this talk.

About Ty

Ty Smith is a Senior Staff Engineer at Uber where he leads the Android platform group and is the chairman of Uber’s Open-Source Technical Steering Committee. He has a passion for tools, frameworks, and open-source to help developers make great mobile apps. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin, engaging regularly with the community through conferences, open-source, and writing, as well as an organizer for conferences and meetups. He is an angel investor and tech advisor, as well as a member in multiple venture capital advisory syndicates. Ty has been at Uber for 6 years and prior to that he worked at Twitter on the Fabric developer tools, Evernote, and a variety of smaller startups and consulting firms