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How Quarkus
accelerates merging Apache Maven PR builds with Develocity

In this episode of DPE Lowdown, we chat with Guillaume Smet, principal software engineer at Red Hat working on the Quarkus project, to get the lowdown on their DPE wins with Develocity. Guillaume will share their journey to faster and more stable builds by optimizing their highly complex Maven build with 1k modules and getting CI insights/reports. One highlight: Using Develocity’s Maven build cache to reduce a 4-hour PR build to just over 60 minutes.

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Meet the speakers


Principal Software Engineer

Guillaume Smet is a Principal software engineer at Red Hat working on Quarkus project. Guillaume has been at Red Hat for over 8 years and has been working on the Quarkus Java stack for cloud native applications for over 5 years. Formerly he was on Hibernate open source project team where he was working on projects such as the Hibernate Validator, Search, ORM, etc to name a few.


VP of Strategic Accounts

Rooz has been a part of the Develocity customer support team helping large Android apps with their shipping-software-at-scale challenges. Rooz is also one of the co-organizers of the San Francisco Android GDG, DPE Summit, and the host of DevProdEng (DPE) Showdown.


Senior Solutions Engineer

Jerome is a Solutions Engineer at Gradle, helping customers optimize their builds. Before that, he spent twenty years as a software developer in very different business domains, from Telecommunications to the Gaming industry, to name a few.


Lead Technical Evangelist

Brian Demers is a Developer Advocate at Gradle, a Java Champion, and an Apache Member who contributes to the Directory, Maven, and Shiro projects. He spends much of his day contributing to OSS projects by writing code, tutorials, blogs, and answering questions. In addition to typical software development, Brian also has a passion for fast builds and automation.

Away from the keyboard, Brian is a beekeeper and can likely be found playing board games. You can find him on Twitter at

Discussion topics
  • About Quarkus
  • How Quarkus does builds and tests
  • Getting insights into CI, builds, and tests to identify and prioritize bottlenecks
  • Enabling and optimizing the Develocity Maven build cache
  • Customizing Github Actions reports with Build Scan data
  • Flaky test management with Surefire and Develocity’s Test History
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