Director of Engineering, Developer Platform

Keynote: Why DPE is Needed Now More than Ever


How DoorDash built a Developer Platform org focusing on developer empathy first and foremost.

Modern studies of Developer Productivity point to frameworks like SPACE to guide roadmaps and measure success by factoring in perception of the engineer, while still balancing traditional metrics such as those found in DORA. We, at DoorDash, went all in on putting developer empathy first and foremost as we built our Developer Platform org from the ground up. In this talk, we’ll discuss the major projects we took on and how we took some surprising steps that helped scale our engineering org through a growth of over 1000 engineers in the last 2 years.

About Adam

Adam currently leads the DoorDash’s Developer Productivity and Platforms (Mobile, Web and Backend) org. In the past, he served Uber Mobile, API, Documentation, and Java Platforms, helping 1000s of engineers across the company. Throughout his career, he had a passion for teaching and enabling the next generation of amazing developers with platforms that inspire them.