Karim Nakad
Karim Nakad
Software Engineer

Empowering Productivity


Learn how Meta has quantified developer velocity through a standardized and objective velocity metric, and how we’ve used that metric to help developers identify problematic areas of the codebase.

We’ll also talk about some related ways that Meta is helping developers move more quickly and safely, including

  • Categorizing diffs to show code that is most often affected by bugs and incidents.
  • Tracking knowledge dispersal within a team to highlight areas of the code that will lose knowledge if specific individuals leave the team.
  • Exposing a team velocity dashboard that helps teams visualize the state of their code, processes, and velocity.

About Karim

Empowering developers to be able to move effortlessly through their codebases has always been a passion of mine. At Meta, I get to do just that. Our group works on improving developer productivity and experience by focusing on code quality and tooling 😀