Marc Philipp
Marc Philipp
Senior Principal Software Engineer

How we Built a Distributed Testing Platform


Test time is one of the key drivers of build times. Many factors contribute to test time, including running tests sequentially or dependencies on expensive external resources/services. The sheer number of tests to cover a wide range of inputs is also a factor. This often leads to running tests only on CI thereby considerably lengthening the feedback loop.

Join us in this session to take a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges the team building Test Distribution faced and how we solved them. To name a few: efficient file transfer, unstable network connections, scheduling, and auto-scaling. In addition, we’ll share experiences from customers adopting Test Distribution. What issues did they face when starting to distribute existing test suites? How did they overcome them? What successes/gains did they see?

About Marc

Marc Philipp is a software engineer with extensive experience in developing business and consumer applications, as well as training and coaching other developers. At Gradle Inc. he’s working on innovative produces like Test Distribution and Predictive Test Selection in order to improve developer productivity. He is a long-time core committer and maintainer of JUnit and initiator of the JUnit Lambda crowdfunding campaign that started what has become JUnit 5.