Ralf Wondratschek
Ralf Wondratschek
Principal Engineer

Isolated Development


With the growth of codebases come more challenges: applications become larger, build times longer, and the iteration speed for developers decreases. To scale Square’s Android and iOS codebase horizontally and keep engineers productive the company started to invest in Isolated Development three years ago. The idea to run single features in a sandbox environment was a big shift on the engineering side but also enabled many opportunities. This talk discusses some of Square’s learnings, how they transformed the idea into reality, how teams adopted development apps, how they reduced build and IDE sync times by 10X, and where the journey is going next.

About Ralf

Ralf is a principal engineer at Amazon and helps simplify the delivery process of millions of packages. This includes providing a platform for internal and external partners to integrate their features, shipping applications for vehicles and other form factors and making the whole delivery process safer.

Prior to Square, Ralf worked at Evernote and several companies in Germany and published as independent developer four apps in the Google Play Store.